About Us

Years ago we opened our online store due to our little boy suffering from anaphylaxis due to a dairy and egg allergy. From that moment, as parents, we started reading labels and analysing ingredients. We started Little Organics after returning from maternity leave and as a mom, struggling to find time to go from one organic health shop to another to get the different products that each store stocked only a few off.

Based in Australia, we started finding ourselves with orders coming from USA for Holle Organic Baby Formula and shipping often costed as much as the products itself. We came to realise that we were very lucky to be able to have such quality formula easily accessible to us when it wasn't for a country as forefront as America. We know Holle isn't FDA approved so purchasing from local stores in America wasn't an option.

This website has been created for you, the mom who is sleepless at night worrying about your little ones upset tummy, colic, restlessness or lack of weight gain. We don't promise the best, as moms, we can be the best detectives ourselves when it comes to researching the best for our children. So if you're already searching for Holle and HIPP, you already know that the formula is more superior than the rest, that it's organic, demeter and strict European standards has made it such a sought out option for little ones.

A dedicated website now means we can streamline our services for our American moms who have lovingly researched and want the best. And we are happy that we can make the shipping cost less ridiculous! We can also extend all our wonderful brands from our Australian store that we love and adore to you too. 

We don't promise overnight deliveries, instead we rather say it takes ages so you can order to allow a lot of lead time because with the world in a pandemic and customs delay, sometimes things can get out of our hands. We rather be able to overdeliver on our promise and get it to you faster than expected and you can rest assure that whatever problems does arise, we will work it through with you. 

Thank you for visiting our website and we welcome the opportunity to connect with you!

Feel free to DM us on Facebook or Instagram if you have any questions anytime. We have children too so understand how hectic it can be and the strange hours that we are awake as parents! 

Sending you love and kindness,


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