You can imagine their little toes before you see them, and all your hormones are bursting with love for the baby inside you. We've been there. By sharing our journey, we hope to help you navigate the world of babies in a natural and organic way.

Blessed with the news you have a little one or maybe twins or triplets on the way, you're beginning an exciting new chapter full of anxiety and anticipation for the journey ahead.

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Your body starts to change, clothes start to get tighter and you have a constant urge to go to the Ladies. You finally get what the fuss is about. It wasn’t just a sitcom thing!

As you embrace the first trimester of pregnancy, your body is changing immensely and creating a little tiny human about the size of an egg. Often, you will experience tiredness, nausea, or if you’re lucky, nothing at all.

Try to listen to your body’s needs and cravings. If you find yourself craving oranges, you probably need more vitamin C. The body is amazing in telling you what it wants more of. If your body is telling you to indulge in a large slice of cake, enjoy it but then don’t make it a regular thing. Carrying a baby and extra weight will make it hard on you and your body.

Eat healthy, the nutrition is going straight to your newborn and avoid foods that aren’t cooked properly like raw sushi, mayonnaise or soft cheeses. Salads are a healthy option but only when it’s washed extremely thoroughly so there isn’t any chance of listeria. Better to forego the store salads for hot food, and keep the salads to homemade ones that you know have been thoroughly washed.

Invest in a good pregnancy vitamin that also includes iodine and don’t forget your vitamin D levels! Make sure you get that sunshine or supplement.

Trimester 2 is when things starts becoming clearer. Your belly bump will start to show if it hasn't already and often your skin will glow! You may also start to develop cramps and wake up in pain. A few simple stretches of the foot arches will quickly ease it away.

The wonderful thing in trimester two is that your baby now should be fairly stable and growing well. You might even start to feel little butterflies in your stomach. Scans at this time often can show 4D faces as well, fantastic if you want to have an early peek at your little munchkin's face. Water pastels ultrasound photos are all the rage so find a good company to transform it so you can decorate your wall with your memento.

Trimester 3 is where it becomes hot and heavy but the little bumps and kicks also can come strong. Sometimes you can even see the shape of their little feet through your stomach and if you try to grab it, they would flinch and disappear. Don’t be surprise if you get a sudden jolt to the tummy, that’s your little one saying ‘hi mom! I’m here!’

At this stage, you will often go into nesting mode, just remember to not over exert yourself. Preparation and decoration is awesome, but pace yourself. Ask for help when you need it, it’s a skill you should learn at the onset because parenting is a rewarding gig but it helps to have your tribe helping you too.

Modern day finds us all struggling on our own and that shouldn’t be the case. We all have our tough days and for most of us, we would be more than willing to help another mom in need so don’t feel bad to ask. Truth probably has it that your hubby, own mom, mom-in law, sister or brother are just as excited to help you to welcome your little one!

Motherhood is a journey, there are no rule books and each person’s stories are different. But we believe if you parent from the heart, everything will turn out alright and perfectly imperfectly fine!

Sending love 💕

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